Jakob Jakobsen
Læssøesgade 3, 4.
DK - 2200 København N



Link collection:

Koncern° - Skrift for Kunstnerisk-filosofisk grundforskning
(Koncern° - Journal for Artistic Philosophical Basic Research)

Artists journal and group, Copenhagen 1989-1993

Info Centre - Art, Architecture, Technology and Urban life
Project space and social centre, London 1998-1999

Infopool Zine and Website
Self-publishing project and critical web resource, London 2000-2009

Infopool / Scandinavian Situationism
Web-archive with chronology and English translations of texts from the Second Situationist International and related projects. Launched 2002

Copenhagen Free University
Self-organised and artist run research institution, Copenhagen 2001-2007

Unionising Workshop
The week-long workshop that brought together experiences and knowledge about the organising of cultural workers and discussed workers’ solidarity in the cultural sector. Based on our experiences with setting up UKK (Young Art Workers) in Denmark 2002. Flaxman Lodge, London 2004

tv-tv (by means of the Wayback Machine)
Self-organised and experimental community televison station, Copenhagen 2005-2008

The Ramallah Lecture
Diary of a 6 weeks residency in Ramallah on the the Israeli-Occupied Westbank with reflections on the artist's role in a war zone. Ramallah, Palestine 2008

Til Forstyrrelse af Samfundsordenen
(For the Disruption of the Order of Society)

Public Art project poking to the newly tightened terror laws in Denmark (and elsewhere). Copenhagen 2009

Billed Politik (Image Politics)
Campaign against and critique of the war of representation in the public sphere that has been raging as a part of the 'War on Terror' after the September 11th attacks in 2001. The project was an integrated media campaign including exhibition, theatre play, seminar, film screenings, and publicing. Copenhagen 2010